Right question can change your life.

right questionAre you asking the right question? So many people are used to saying “I can’t do it”, “It’s hard”, “This is not for me” when they deal with projects. What we need to do is asking the right question . Ask “Why not?”,  “Why people keep doing the same old things?” When 2600 years  ago, the royal prince Siddhartha (the early life of Buddha) asked the right question ; while the rest of the world believed humans have avoidable misery of being born, getting old, being sick, and eventually died. But the prince asked himself how he could free from people from theses suffering? Once he asked the right question, followed the right execution methods in truth finding, he had then enlightened the world with his answer, freeing us all from any misery by giving us the freedom of mind to deal with it properly. It’s all up to the mind. The misery exists but the miserable man does not. When we deal with the suffering properly, our mind become content and peaceful.


In the past, when Howard Schultz planned to open his first coffee shop in the USA , he had had a chance to see amazing coffee shops in Italy and wondered why not having great coffee shops in the USA.? At that time, some people advised him it’s impossible to sell a 3-dollar coffee in America where people paid only 50 cents for it. The right question was why not?  If one set their mind to it, execute it nearly with the right strategies, and the right mind frame of doing it passionately. We now see Starbucks in every corner of the world, You could feel like home in every country you visit. Imagine how those inventors who once criticized Mr. Schultz’s plan would feel today.

It’s your turn now.

From now on, whenever you fully realize your dream, know your passion of what’s meaningful to you, know what’s close to your heart, know what you want to accomplish and make the world falls in love with, you’ll listen to your beautiful inner voice and execute with determination and  well-thought strategies. That’s when you’ll see the people who change the world are the ones who firmly believe in themselves