How to get happy more than you are.

happiness-defined-140320A woman learn how to get high achieved happy  family life with right sights. Even her nice husband may make a little mistake in something that make her disfavor such as putting belongings  not in the right place , poor speaking. But she knows her goal is getting happy family life neither neat house nor those who appease her with speech. So she see only her husband does many good things  for her. When you surely know what  is your goal  with right view , then happiness is in front of us.

Those who  always get happy because they know how to see happy views. Unhappy people get suffering because they can see only what make them unhappy. Ask yourselves obviously what kind of life would you need to spend, think and speak  accordingly your goal . You want to get happy just  think, do , and talk about what make you happy and inspire  the others. Decide to be the best of you. Imagine and say the new thing in your head , create the new feeling to be the  best of you in all situations. Honestly no one can make you unhappy unless you take it into your idea in mind. The suffering can not make anything better .But  happy, hopeful , seeing what  you want to happen clearly and act  powerfully ,can achieve everything keenly. Your family , your loved one deserve to stay with you in the best version. Set  daily goal you make someone smile , hopeful, and happiness from what you do and your smile. Choose your great current thought, action and feeling . You can not change the past but, you can do new understanding , new acting , creating your today pretty good . As the base for  your peaceful prosperity future. This world reward you as you  create pleasant in people’s lives and you.

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