Why should you eat high fiber foods?

high fiber foods

Food fibers is an important component in healthy food. You’ve may suggested that to try eating high fiber foods, But you may not know how it is good for your health. Now I will reveal

Food fibers is found in fruits, vegetables,grains, What you have already known is these food are able to prevent you from constipation. Futhermore, theses food can also reduce  risk of heart disease  and diabetes.

Food fibers or fiber food such as food from plant that our body can neither digest nor absorb. That is different from flour, fat or protein which our body can assimilate. So fiber category will go through digestive in spite of they have no role. ฺBut in fact, They have important work for treat your health.

Fiber can be divided to 2 types are  Insoluble fiber and Soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber , when it dissolves in water it will be like jelly, can decrease cholesterol and sugar level. These fibers is found in bean, apple ,sour fruit, carrot. For getting both of fibers you should eat high fiber diet with diversity.

Benefit of high fiber foods

  • Helps  intestine work in normal state. By increasing weight and size of feces including soften it, can go out comfortable and decrease constipation. Moreover reducing variant intestine symptom.
  • Strengthen intestine, reduce risk of hemorrhoids and polyps occurrence in intestine.
  • Decreasing cholesterol level in blood. Soluble fiber is found in beans, oats, flax seed are able to reduce cholesterol by dropping LPL. There are some researches indicated blood pressure levels  and inflammation of body were lower that is uncertainty factor in heart disease.
  • Helps  control blood sugar levels, Soluble fiber can reduce sugar absorption. For diabetic that will provide blood sugar levels better. Insoluble fiber can lower risk of diabetes.
  • Aids in weight loss. High fiber foods often take more time to chew. Affect our body have longer time to be not hungry( about 20 minutes after begin eating longer than brain recognize full or hungry signal) . Slow chew can prevent from eating too much.

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