Right question can change your life.

right questionAre you asking the right question? So many people are used to saying “I can’t do it”, “It’s hard”, “This is not for me” when they deal with projects. What we need to do is asking the right question . Ask “Why not?”,  “Why people keep doing the same old things?” When 2600 years  ago, the royal prince Siddhartha (the early life of Buddha) asked the right question ; while the rest of the world believed humans have avoidable misery of being born, getting old, being sick, and eventually died. But the prince asked himself how he could free from people from theses suffering? Once he asked the right question, followed the right execution methods in truth finding, he had then enlightened the world with his answer, freeing us all from any misery by giving us the freedom of mind to deal with it properly. It’s all up to the mind. The misery exists but the miserable man does not. When we deal with the suffering properly, our mind become content and peaceful.


In the past, when Howard Schultz planned to open his first coffee shop in the USA , he had had a chance to see amazing coffee shops in Italy and wondered why not having great coffee shops in the USA.? At that time, some people advised him it’s impossible to sell a 3-dollar coffee in America where people paid only 50 cents for it. The right question was why not?  If one set their mind to it, execute it nearly with the right strategies, and the right mind frame of doing it passionately. We now see Starbucks in every corner of the world, You could feel like home in every country you visit. Imagine how those inventors who once criticized Mr. Schultz’s plan would feel today.

It’s your turn now.

From now on, whenever you fully realize your dream, know your passion of what’s meaningful to you, know what’s close to your heart, know what you want to accomplish and make the world falls in love with, you’ll listen to your beautiful inner voice and execute with determination and  well-thought strategies. That’s when you’ll see the people who change the world are the ones who firmly believe in themselves

Let’s eat low glycemic diet.

Low glycemic diet is often the first thing when you think about good nutrition. This topic I just show how it’s different between low glycemic diet and high glycemic diet.  There are six class of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. We are discussing first three because those are the one that are going to provide an energy source to you and fuel your activities. So we are also saying to the importance of the low glycemic index. Now a lot of people are just starting to hear about this. We quickly explain it’s all about to you

First we already said to carbohydrates in that first group such as breads, rice, fruits and vegetables, These are all carbohydrates, they give you energy sometimes give you instant energy. We don’t want you focus on those foods that give you instant energy. We’ll tell you why.


In the chart, If in the morning you have a breakfast is whole wheat toast and some juice. Those foods break down very quickly to blood glucose or blood sugar. They break down into  sugar in your system, they are going to raise your blood sugar really quickly, and what happens at that peak point is the your pancreas is going to release insulin. Insulin job is to drive that energy into the muscles so we can be active and have a lot of energy. But what’s happening is we are getting too much surge from a lot of our refined products that we are eating .When that happens, the insulin drives the blood sugar down,  your blood sugar rise fast and drop fast, when you bottom out you become hypoglycemic and you often become a little bit shaky. You don’t feel so good. And what happens you start craving carbohydrates again. You want something sweet like sticky buns, some chocolates,  another coffee. Because you are feeling low your energy down. What happens we dose carbohydrates back . We go up and insulin is secreted from the pancreas and if we have too much of this insulin is a  fat storage hormone. This overabundance of insulin circulating in our system, actually puts us into a weight gain mode. That’s not we want and we call this “The roller coaster effect”. We eat a high glycemic food  we crash, we  eat a high glycemic food  we  crash so on. What we want to do is bring the blood sugar down. So when we eat a low glycemic breakfast choice. Let’s say we’re having some yogurts and fruit would be a great and there are many other choice you can have. Your blood sugar right slowly and they come down slowly. We are in control of what we’re eating our energy supply is more constant. We’re not getting that huge fluctuation  and our body is able to start releasing body fat plus we have consistent energy.


I’ll show you a few food choices that you might want to consider. Quick Cook Oatmeal is actually really high on glycemic index. Anything is over 65 to 100 is considered high glycemic whereas Slow Cook Oatmeal only 40 to 60 so much better choice. Next you can have pasta but we recommend you go al dente. It’s slightly undercooked rather than that overcooked pasta which can send your blood sugar’s rising quickly. There are some good cereals on the market but not too many people are surprised like bran, flakes, cheerios, etc. can be very high scenic. They actually break down into sugar really quickly in your system. For those who are vegetarian, there is awesome choice. Legumes,  as a great source of protein and carbohydrate. Sweet potatoes versus a whole white russet potato. Recipe potatoes are really high glycemic. So simple choices dietary changes in your diet can give you a better work hope. They can help you manage your weight, feel better.

I just want you think about nutrition. It’s so important  for having a great workout


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Creating wealth in your own style.

wealthAre you reaching to wealth? All of us were born with pure potentiality, having the ability to love and to be loved, to succeed in a grand scale, to have financial freedom, and to be able to take good care of our loved one. Our parent deserve to be pampered. Our children deserve the best education and opportunities for their future. Our loved one’s secure life and our own fulfillment are up to how we choose to process our thoughts. One’s responsibility is to decide who I really am and why I am here on this earth.It is time to create our own legend. Make the world remember that once there’s a wonderful someone walking on this earth and leaving behind such a loving legacy that makes a difference in people lives.

To live a joyful life with financial freedom and peace of mind, to be happy and successful is everyone’s righteousness. We should properly deal with both suffering and happiness. That’s how we can live a joyful and peaceful life.

The blocking mind frame.

It’s imperative that you allow yourself to see the goodness of the group you want to belong to. Once you truly realize it, you’ll no longer condemn others.You’ll deeply understand them. If you desire to be wealthy. You must be able to see that wealthy people have heart of gold just like the gold they have in the bank. That’s when you’ll allow yourself to see the connection.If you still go against them, you can not be one of them.

Misperception of wealth leads to one’s failure. Have the right attitude neither reject nor hunt for money. The negative mind frame of wealth, truthfully, both wealth naysayers and wealth-hunters equally cling to the money. Both have wrong perception of prosperity. Since money is just a tool. The important things are how to earn this tool properly, how we spend it, how to live life and give back to the community, how to save for one’s self and also help out the world. Spending money wisely, earning it rightfully, sharing, saving and investing it appropriately. Nothing’s wrong about it since it’s just a life tool. However, many people perceive that millionaires are greedy and that successful people are more likely to be manipulative. When they were young, they might have watched a TV and overhead their parents’ negative comments of affluent people, for example that the riches were greedy. Plus, more  TV dramas show us that money cannot buy love, that wealthy families are not as happy as middle-class ones, and so on. In reality, It doesn’t matter how wealthy they are. Without wisdom, that can’t be satisfied with what they have. Only happy people could lead a triumphant life and always feel delighted plentiful.

The wrong wealth perception was often imprinted in us when we were young by the way family raised us, the way our school educated us, and the way media hypnotized us of the negative money concepts. Think about it, if one got taken advantage by a wealthy man, one could generalize that all wealthy men are dishonest, and forgetting that dishonest people could be either rich or poor and that many millionaires do have a good heart. The false perception makes one hate the concept of becoming rich and famous, while at the same time one still has the desire to be happy, accomplished, and be able to take good care of  loved ones.It’s such an inner conflict that contribute to the unhappy and unfulfilled life. It makes one reluctant to go far at work for fear of being labeled as a greedy person. And when one couldn’t reach one’s full potential, that person tends to be bitter and easily get involved in an argument with other. He or she tends to push a pressure on someone else to accomplish and be stressed out with family and loved ones, or may become addicted to negative behaviors All these issue stem from the wrong attitude about wealth.

We all are entrepreneurs.

Each of us have something to offer to the world. This doesn’t mean we have to get paid for everything we do.  But we have  a commitment to our world. We consume a lot of resources and we must reciprocate. Our reward is the fulfillment from the inside out, the enjoy, and the great appreciate of life. Every job is not for money or just to make a living. The most important thing of each job is that it must nourish our mind and soul. Whenever the job doesn’t make us feel proud or generates self-esteem, that’s we are turning into a money-making machine, never feel satisfied with what we earn and become self-sabotage. So, we must ask our own  self each day when we wake up, What am I going to do today to improve others’ quality of life? When one ask the right question, one has triggered the whole neurological system of one’s self. It takes us to the deeper level, to understand deep down inside of who we really want to become. Even for a stay-at-home mom, you must know you are holding the most important position. Your job is to deliver your family the optimum positive energy. You must be the power resource of your home, be the center of love, hope, and happiness, and you must raise  your child up in the best possible way. Being a mom is an art requiring sensibility and elaboration much more than any business meetings since your child is the most important person in your life. When your child becomes a grown up, you can say it proudly that you have raised him up well with your own two hands and you can feel proud to be his amazing mom. So, ask yourself. What do  I want to do to make other people’s life better? What’s my passion?  What do I want to do when wake up every single day, paid or unpaid?  It’s the reason we truly live for.

Selling is giving.

Many people feel reluctant to sell or provide service for the world due to the misunderstanding that accepting money from others means asking for money from them. Some perceive selling as asking people to pay what they don’t want. The truth is the seller is the giver and the buyer is the receiver, receiving a significant thing for their life that they in turn, are willing to pay for or it with the fund that’s less important. So both sellers and buyers are taking turns being givers and receivers. The perception that buyers are bosses that we are asking for something from them is not right. The fact is buyers are the ones who leap the most benefit. They paid less than what they received. Every job has its own value. Therefore, our responsibility is to provide our best work done with passion. Be happy from what we do from the beginning, during and towards the end. We must fully realize of how worthy our work is and how it can change people’s life for the best. Every career helps uplift people’s lives. Every job has its own worth. And all we need to do is realize what the true value of that job is having a deep understanding of what optimum benefits to buyers would be. For example, if you’re  a secretary, you must know that it’s not just doing the routine or what you are told to do, but also do everything to support your boss to become highly successful in every aspects of life. Ask yourself loud and clear. What am I here for? What do I truly have to offer the world?

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Why should you eat high fiber foods?

high fiber foods

Food fibers is an important component in healthy food. You’ve may suggested that to try eating high fiber foods, But you may not know how it is good for your health. Now I will reveal

Food fibers is found in fruits, vegetables,grains, What you have already known is these food are able to prevent you from constipation. Futhermore, theses food can also reduce  risk of heart disease  and diabetes.

Food fibers or fiber food such as food from plant that our body can neither digest nor absorb. That is different from flour, fat or protein which our body can assimilate. So fiber category will go through digestive in spite of they have no role. ฺBut in fact, They have important work for treat your health.

Fiber can be divided to 2 types are  Insoluble fiber and Soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber , when it dissolves in water it will be like jelly, can decrease cholesterol and sugar level. These fibers is found in bean, apple ,sour fruit, carrot. For getting both of fibers you should eat high fiber diet with diversity.

Benefit of high fiber foods

  • Helps  intestine work in normal state. By increasing weight and size of feces including soften it, can go out comfortable and decrease constipation. Moreover reducing variant intestine symptom.
  • Strengthen intestine, reduce risk of hemorrhoids and polyps occurrence in intestine.
  • Decreasing cholesterol level in blood. Soluble fiber is found in beans, oats, flax seed are able to reduce cholesterol by dropping LPL. There are some researches indicated blood pressure levels  and inflammation of body were lower that is uncertainty factor in heart disease.
  • Helps  control blood sugar levels, Soluble fiber can reduce sugar absorption. For diabetic that will provide blood sugar levels better. Insoluble fiber can lower risk of diabetes.
  • Aids in weight loss. High fiber foods often take more time to chew. Affect our body have longer time to be not hungry( about 20 minutes after begin eating longer than brain recognize full or hungry signal) . Slow chew can prevent from eating too much.

If you are looking for where to buy high fiber foods online. Just click here. Or click a picture below.

How to get a wonderful life

wonderfulEvery human needs a wonderful life. You can not survive without hope , seeing beautiful life or valued things and what is above your desires.
Each person needs satisfaction in life than eating, living, sleeping , private comfort. It includes leaving some track in time. The confidence that your life is not wasted. You leave a legend in this world as mark that had one person lived on this earth to leave masterpiece. You will create legendary from development of the best in you.
Design excellence, training, having discipline in purify your mind. What is your desire? What is your most successful story? Considering your life’s purpose and observe what I said above is make your idea right, set your thought explicit. Stay aware of social hypnotic and surrounding come to you everyday
Determine your behavior , thought, habit unlock automated programs from the past. Then start doing something work ,strive to success, do your mission completely.
Have comfortable mind in result as you know you can improve yourself better everyday. Store your mind with happiness and vivacity . Due to your right opinion in all circumstance status.
Thinking of the goal you are reaching, when you achieve how each of your part of life is. Whom do you become? What are you like? Train to purify your mind from today. See yourself clearly in many part like staying with your family , take care your love ,work , health, money ,soul ,wisdom, social repay and people. You’ll find actually you can achieve your life purpose along with improve your mind and soul. Even you must face many problems and obstacles with purified mind that you know why need to reach the goal. Nothing can cash you out of the way you are. Thinking who will benefit the values you create. That twill push to the best in you. Finally you’ll find a wonderful life.

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