Choosing running shoes- First step for runner


        Choosing running shoes is the first thing before you begin to sprint. How to choose the running shoes that  will meet your needs for the activities you’re about to begin. In choosing running shoes, there are several   key important points that you want to go into with.

Know your purpose

        What you are going to be using these shoes for? Is it going be sprinting, long distance type running or just kind of an all around general purpose training shoes. There are different type of shoes that will meet different needs for that depending on your level of wear and your level of activity. When you go in a store or order the shoes, make sure that it fits properly from the very start. Get your feet measured, not only in length but also in width to make sure it fits appropriately. Try the shoes on, move around in the shoes, not just for kids to run around the department store anymore. As an adult we need to make sure, we take time, try them on and make sure they feel good.

Measure your foot 

      After all when you leave the store if the shoes feel uncomfortable chances ,  when you get out and begin exercising, It’s not going to get that much better. The break in period for shoes now a day in much shorter. So feel the shoes comfort level, what you’re using the shoes for . Fit, look on a shoe, the arch. Ideally you want that arch to match up with the link of the arch in your foot. If a shoe is designed where the arch is a little more forwards, you need to make sure that fits your needs. If the arch is set further back, make sure that fits as well properly. The  other thing is width of the shoe. The toe box. If you have a very wide foot  you want to seek a shoe that’s wider in the toe box. If you have more narrow foot make sure that It’s fitting that width of your foot as well. Because in  side-to-side movement , you run the risk of developing blisters that can be very painful and limit  your activity. So get your shoes size appropriately by talking with the professional. Your foot care professional will help out or doing your research online. IF you ate looking for running shoes you can click the picture above this page. I hope you’ ll enjoy choosing running shoes.

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