Chocolate Bar : Top 10 Most Popular in The World

This article show a list of top 10 most popular chocolate bar in the world in consumption terms. If you want to buy chocolate bar online you can click on any pictures in this article.

10.Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars

Milton Snavely Hershey invented Milk Chocolate Bar to the world in 1900, When he built his factory, there is no chocolate was delicacy enjoyed  primarily by the wealthy. But by the developing his own special formulations and manufacturing techniques. He proved the milk chocolate could be made and shipped all over America at a price most people could afford. Choosing this sit wasn’t accident. Mr.Hershey knew that to mass produce milk chocolate and a lot of it.

9.Oh Henry!

Oh Henry! is the one of oldest chocolate bar in North America. Tom Henry introduced in 1919 then he sold his recipe to Williamson Candy Store in Chicago. Oh Henry! Chocolate bar contain caramel, peanuts and coated with milk chocolate fudge.



M&Ms first launched in 1941. They were made in New York, New Jersey and produced by Mars Company. They were exclusively made for soldiers during World War II because they were heat-resistant. They’re the most popular candy in the world, sold more than 100 countries in 22 eye-popping color  and ever-expanding range of flavors from the classic.

7.Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth chocolate bar is made of caramel, peanut and nougat covered in chocolate. Curtiss Candy Company launched in 1900 and name “Kandy Kake” . In 1921 Kandy Kake was renamed to Baby Ruth. In 1990 this company was sold to Nestle.

6.3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers chocolate bar is made by Mars Incorporate, It was the third brand of this company and  introduced in 1932. There are three pieces in a package , vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors.

5.Milky Way

Frank Clarence Mars created Milk Way bar in 1923. This bar has layer. So it has nougat, caramel and coated with chocolate. More than 12 million Milky Way fly out of the factory in Chicago everyday.


Butterfinger have been since 1923. The Curtis Candy Company held a public contest a name. The winning name was “Butterfinger”. At the time it was a name that referred to an athlete a sports  could not keep his hand on the ball. The center of Butterfinger bar is really what makes Butterfinger. It’s made with a creamy peanut butter and some peanuts that are actually roasted.

3.Kit Kat

Rowntree’s of York, England created  Kit Kat chocolate bar in 1935 and now is produced by Nestle. The first name of this chocolate is “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp”.  Kit Kat is chocolate bar consists of two finger for small size and four finger for big size. The both size composed of three layers of wafer. Kit Kat is separated and covered by chocolate layer. Each finger can be cut off by hand.

2.Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Harry Burnett Reese worked for Hershey Company. Milton Snavely Hershey inspired Reese to create his candy and left his job to start his chocolate business in 1928. From the start he used Hershey Chocolate in his candy. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are chocolate cup candy made of peanut butter and coated with chocolate. Now a day, The Hershey Company markets Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups  markets.



Snickers is a sodden chewing bar fill in nougat peanut and caramel wrapped in chocolate. In 1930 Snickers bar has been putting a smile on people’s face with a name that Mars founder ,Franklin Mars picked as an inside joke of story. But in reality Snickers was named after family’s favorite horse. Today Snickers is the world’s best selling chocolate bar.

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