Black Friday 2016 : 10 things you should know

black friday

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Black Friday is the fourth following Friday of  thanksgiving. In America, it occurs on the fourth Thursday of  November.  There are 10 things you should know before you leave your thanksgiving meal to join commercialized day.

1.It’s a huge retail day.

The appeal of discounted items is a huge your offer people. In fact in 2011, 226 million Americans purchase 52 billion dollars worth of merchandise on that thanksgiving alone.

   2.It’s the great anticipation.

According to google trends online searches started looking for the term Black Friday on October 14th with activity revving up around October 20th that’s about a whole month away from actual day .

3.Black Friday Holiday

Many states do not consider Black Friday as federal holiday. However some states consider it to be public holiday.


According to John Vincent – spokesman for “If you want a chance to getting your hands on Black Friday doorbusters , you’ll have to be the first in line which means arriving at the store on the thanksgiving morning earlier.”

5.Derivative items for doorbusters

According to many products promoted a deep discounts on this festival. All derivative products in other words items that look like in our name the same as the standard models but are actually made with cheaper components.  It may not have the same features. Consumer reports found that big name company like Sony and Samsung have made derivative televisions in  previous years.

6.Black Friday has been dangerous.

In  2008 , Long Island Walmart employee was trampled to death when crazed shoppers pushed open the doors to get their hands on Black Friday discounted items. The paramedics who came to rescue were also trampled and seriously injured by shoppers. In total five shoppers at the store required hospitalization. Sadly this is but one of many such case.

7.Pepper spray warning

In 2012  shoppers at California Walmart were exposed to pepper spray by a 33 years old shopper named Elizabeth Macos. Nearly two dozen people including children suffered nose and throat irritation.

8.Black Friday does not have the best deals.

Last few days of the  holiday shopping season will have better deals than Black Friday. Some product made in sulfur 10-15% less.

9.People enjoy shopping on Black Friday.

According to 2012, Study of roughly 460 consumers for WWD that found at 57 percent of Black Friday shopper enjoyed the experience. However 43 percent did not.

10.Doorbusters are really limited items.

It’s  likely that only the first few shoppers in line will snack doorbuster deals due to low qualities. For example , Sharp 42” HDTV deal was 199$ at best buy and it was really popular. Nevertheless the retailer only guaranteed 10 units per store.

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