PS4 Pro – What’s different from PS4 ?

      Sony has announced that the PS4 Pro previously known as the neo that Sony  will  release later this year for 399 dollars. But that’s just the beginning. Here is 6 things you need to know about the PlayStation 4 Pro

It’s backwards compatible.

       Every PS4 game that’s already out will be playable on the PS4 Pro. Some games may even have been patched to support the Pro already with released game like Deus Ex : Mankind Divided , Uncharted 4 and Paragon shown with visuals that trump base PS4 capabilities. There’s an HDR update on the way that benefit every model of PS4 way back to launch and not just a Pro.

It has 4k display features.

     The upgraded console will have 4k display features such as increased resolution and high dynamic range or HDR. Thanks to what system architect, Mark Cerny described that special rendering techniques optimized for the PS4 Pro hardware.

            PS VR will be better on PS4 Pro.

      PlayStation VR in particular will benefit from the extra power with talk of improved resolutions and frame rates. Sci-fi shooter far point was shown running double pixel count on PS4 Pro. Sony said there will be no Pro exclusive and emphasize of both consoles would exist as one happy family, just with one far sexy remember.

It features  1 TB HDD.

        PS4 Pro comes with one terabyte hard drive with more digital content than ever. It makes the PS4 Pro to come with a bigger hard drive. Hopefully, you’ll be able to change that out if you still need even more space just like you could on the original and now new PS4 base model.

    Your existing account will carry across.

       PSN account will carry across to the new machine. This is a good thing obviously. The Pro isn’t a completely new console just an upgraded version PlayStation you already have. It will play the same games run the same OS and transfer all of your online saves just like the base unit basically you just sign in and carry on as normal.

It’s bigger and faster.

         Some people have point out the PS4 Pro looks like to PS4 slim stuck together which it’s not surprising given all extra tech has to fit somewhere. All PS4 has a 1.6 GHz. CPU and a GPU pushing 1.8 teraflops. The new machines has a 2.1  GHz. CPU and GPU pushing 4.2 teraflops.


            That’s everything we know about the new PS4 Pro. If you want to buy online  just click the picture below.

Credit : Youtube

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