Chocolate Bar : Top 10 Most Popular in The World

This article show a list of top 10 most popular chocolate bar in the world in consumption terms. If you want to buy chocolate bar online you can click on any pictures in this article.

10.Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars

Milton Snavely Hershey invented Milk Chocolate Bar to the world in 1900, When he built his factory, there is no chocolate was delicacy enjoyed  primarily by the wealthy. But by the developing his own special formulations and manufacturing techniques. He proved the milk chocolate could be made and shipped all over America at a price most people could afford. Choosing this sit wasn’t accident. Mr.Hershey knew that to mass produce milk chocolate and a lot of it.

9.Oh Henry!

Oh Henry! is the one of oldest chocolate bar in North America. Tom Henry introduced in 1919 then he sold his recipe to Williamson Candy Store in Chicago. Oh Henry! Chocolate bar contain caramel, peanuts and coated with milk chocolate fudge.



M&Ms first launched in 1941. They were made in New York, New Jersey and produced by Mars Company. They were exclusively made for soldiers during World War II because they were heat-resistant. They’re the most popular candy in the world, sold more than 100 countries in 22 eye-popping color  and ever-expanding range of flavors from the classic.

7.Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth chocolate bar is made of caramel, peanut and nougat covered in chocolate. Curtiss Candy Company launched in 1900 and name “Kandy Kake” . In 1921 Kandy Kake was renamed to Baby Ruth. In 1990 this company was sold to Nestle.

6.3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers chocolate bar is made by Mars Incorporate, It was the third brand of this company and  introduced in 1932. There are three pieces in a package , vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors.

5.Milky Way

Frank Clarence Mars created Milk Way bar in 1923. This bar has layer. So it has nougat, caramel and coated with chocolate. More than 12 million Milky Way fly out of the factory in Chicago everyday.


Butterfinger have been since 1923. The Curtis Candy Company held a public contest a name. The winning name was “Butterfinger”. At the time it was a name that referred to an athlete a sports  could not keep his hand on the ball. The center of Butterfinger bar is really what makes Butterfinger. It’s made with a creamy peanut butter and some peanuts that are actually roasted.

3.Kit Kat

Rowntree’s of York, England created  Kit Kat chocolate bar in 1935 and now is produced by Nestle. The first name of this chocolate is “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp”.  Kit Kat is chocolate bar consists of two finger for small size and four finger for big size. The both size composed of three layers of wafer. Kit Kat is separated and covered by chocolate layer. Each finger can be cut off by hand.

2.Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Harry Burnett Reese worked for Hershey Company. Milton Snavely Hershey inspired Reese to create his candy and left his job to start his chocolate business in 1928. From the start he used Hershey Chocolate in his candy. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are chocolate cup candy made of peanut butter and coated with chocolate. Now a day, The Hershey Company markets Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups  markets.



Snickers is a sodden chewing bar fill in nougat peanut and caramel wrapped in chocolate. In 1930 Snickers bar has been putting a smile on people’s face with a name that Mars founder ,Franklin Mars picked as an inside joke of story. But in reality Snickers was named after family’s favorite horse. Today Snickers is the world’s best selling chocolate bar.

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Buy Oatmeal Cookies Online and Recipe

       Oatmeal cookies are made from oatmeal that has many good nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.  In a big oatmeal cookie 28 grams has approximately 116 calories. It contains carbohydrate 60% ,fat 35%  and protein 5% . Oatmeal is good source of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber may reduce LDL cholesterol without lowering HDL cholesterol.It also slows down the digestion of starch that’s good for diabetics. Because they can avoid the sharp rise in blood sugar.  Insoluble fiber has cancer-fighting properties, It attacks certain bile acids, reducing their toxicity.  You can eat oatmeal cookies as snack, that sounds good for children.


       If you want to do oatmeal cookies by yourself it’s not too difficult. Beginning with adding one cup of softened butter, one cup of brown sugar and a half of white sugar into a large bowl, then mix everything together until it looks fluffy. Next add the eggs and makes everything fairly. Add two teaspoons of vanilla extract and mix it. Add one and one-four cup of all purpose flour, half teaspoon of baking sodathree cups of quick cooking oats and one teaspoon of salt in another bowl. After that add the dry ingredients into the first bowl and mix.


      If you want some variations in your oatmeal cookies  you can take one and a half cup of butter and some chocolate chips. Put them into a separate bowl. You can add a cup of raisin into the powder if you like. Finally, bake them with 325 degree Fahrenheit for 12-15 minutes or until go to brown. It’s really easy and really yummy.

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Choosing running shoes- First step for runner


        Choosing running shoes is the first thing before you begin to sprint. How to choose the running shoes that  will meet your needs for the activities you’re about to begin. In choosing running shoes, there are several   key important points that you want to go into with.

Know your purpose

        What you are going to be using these shoes for? Is it going be sprinting, long distance type running or just kind of an all around general purpose training shoes. There are different type of shoes that will meet different needs for that depending on your level of wear and your level of activity. When you go in a store or order the shoes, make sure that it fits properly from the very start. Get your feet measured, not only in length but also in width to make sure it fits appropriately. Try the shoes on, move around in the shoes, not just for kids to run around the department store anymore. As an adult we need to make sure, we take time, try them on and make sure they feel good.

Measure your foot 

      After all when you leave the store if the shoes feel uncomfortable chances ,  when you get out and begin exercising, It’s not going to get that much better. The break in period for shoes now a day in much shorter. So feel the shoes comfort level, what you’re using the shoes for . Fit, look on a shoe, the arch. Ideally you want that arch to match up with the link of the arch in your foot. If a shoe is designed where the arch is a little more forwards, you need to make sure that fits your needs. If the arch is set further back, make sure that fits as well properly. The  other thing is width of the shoe. The toe box. If you have a very wide foot  you want to seek a shoe that’s wider in the toe box. If you have more narrow foot make sure that It’s fitting that width of your foot as well. Because in  side-to-side movement , you run the risk of developing blisters that can be very painful and limit  your activity. So get your shoes size appropriately by talking with the professional. Your foot care professional will help out or doing your research online. IF you ate looking for running shoes you can click the picture above this page. I hope you’ ll enjoy choosing running shoes.

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Let’s eat low glycemic diet.

Low glycemic diet is often the first thing when you think about good nutrition. This topic I just show how it’s different between low glycemic diet and high glycemic diet.  There are six class of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. We are discussing first three because those are the one that are going to provide an energy source to you and fuel your activities. So we are also saying to the importance of the low glycemic index. Now a lot of people are just starting to hear about this. We quickly explain it’s all about to you

First we already said to carbohydrates in that first group such as breads, rice, fruits and vegetables, These are all carbohydrates, they give you energy sometimes give you instant energy. We don’t want you focus on those foods that give you instant energy. We’ll tell you why.


In the chart, If in the morning you have a breakfast is whole wheat toast and some juice. Those foods break down very quickly to blood glucose or blood sugar. They break down into  sugar in your system, they are going to raise your blood sugar really quickly, and what happens at that peak point is the your pancreas is going to release insulin. Insulin job is to drive that energy into the muscles so we can be active and have a lot of energy. But what’s happening is we are getting too much surge from a lot of our refined products that we are eating .When that happens, the insulin drives the blood sugar down,  your blood sugar rise fast and drop fast, when you bottom out you become hypoglycemic and you often become a little bit shaky. You don’t feel so good. And what happens you start craving carbohydrates again. You want something sweet like sticky buns, some chocolates,  another coffee. Because you are feeling low your energy down. What happens we dose carbohydrates back . We go up and insulin is secreted from the pancreas and if we have too much of this insulin is a  fat storage hormone. This overabundance of insulin circulating in our system, actually puts us into a weight gain mode. That’s not we want and we call this “The roller coaster effect”. We eat a high glycemic food  we crash, we  eat a high glycemic food  we  crash so on. What we want to do is bring the blood sugar down. So when we eat a low glycemic breakfast choice. Let’s say we’re having some yogurts and fruit would be a great and there are many other choice you can have. Your blood sugar right slowly and they come down slowly. We are in control of what we’re eating our energy supply is more constant. We’re not getting that huge fluctuation  and our body is able to start releasing body fat plus we have consistent energy.


I’ll show you a few food choices that you might want to consider. Quick Cook Oatmeal is actually really high on glycemic index. Anything is over 65 to 100 is considered high glycemic whereas Slow Cook Oatmeal only 40 to 60 so much better choice. Next you can have pasta but we recommend you go al dente. It’s slightly undercooked rather than that overcooked pasta which can send your blood sugar’s rising quickly. There are some good cereals on the market but not too many people are surprised like bran, flakes, cheerios, etc. can be very high scenic. They actually break down into sugar really quickly in your system. For those who are vegetarian, there is awesome choice. Legumes,  as a great source of protein and carbohydrate. Sweet potatoes versus a whole white russet potato. Recipe potatoes are really high glycemic. So simple choices dietary changes in your diet can give you a better work hope. They can help you manage your weight, feel better.

I just want you think about nutrition. It’s so important  for having a great workout


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Why should you eat high fiber foods?

high fiber foods

Food fibers is an important component in healthy food. You’ve may suggested that to try eating high fiber foods, But you may not know how it is good for your health. Now I will reveal

Food fibers is found in fruits, vegetables,grains, What you have already known is these food are able to prevent you from constipation. Futhermore, theses food can also reduce  risk of heart disease  and diabetes.

Food fibers or fiber food such as food from plant that our body can neither digest nor absorb. That is different from flour, fat or protein which our body can assimilate. So fiber category will go through digestive in spite of they have no role. ฺBut in fact, They have important work for treat your health.

Fiber can be divided to 2 types are  Insoluble fiber and Soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber , when it dissolves in water it will be like jelly, can decrease cholesterol and sugar level. These fibers is found in bean, apple ,sour fruit, carrot. For getting both of fibers you should eat high fiber diet with diversity.

Benefit of high fiber foods

  • Helps  intestine work in normal state. By increasing weight and size of feces including soften it, can go out comfortable and decrease constipation. Moreover reducing variant intestine symptom.
  • Strengthen intestine, reduce risk of hemorrhoids and polyps occurrence in intestine.
  • Decreasing cholesterol level in blood. Soluble fiber is found in beans, oats, flax seed are able to reduce cholesterol by dropping LPL. There are some researches indicated blood pressure levels  and inflammation of body were lower that is uncertainty factor in heart disease.
  • Helps  control blood sugar levels, Soluble fiber can reduce sugar absorption. For diabetic that will provide blood sugar levels better. Insoluble fiber can lower risk of diabetes.
  • Aids in weight loss. High fiber foods often take more time to chew. Affect our body have longer time to be not hungry( about 20 minutes after begin eating longer than brain recognize full or hungry signal) . Slow chew can prevent from eating too much.

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